1:1 Session

1 Hour Virtual Energy Healing & Intuitive Session

When you desire intuitive support and energy healing all at the same time, because you are mind, body, and Soul

**Now booking for 2024**


Receive expansive energy support and intuitive messages from your Inner Light resources & Spirit, Spirit being the activation of Source energy.

  • Receive validation on your intuition, energetic gifts, purpose, and more.
  • Release and clear blockages
  • Receive validation, insights and clarity so you feel supported and empowered on your journey, with your purpose, and your truth.
  • In addition, at times loved ones who have crossed over, past life information and pets may come through with messages as well, everything is held in light and the intention is for support and healing for you.
  • Each session helps you up level and reach the next level of your potential. All of you is welcome here.

Receive intuitive guidance from your Higher Self, Spirit guides & team

Options for what we can cover together:

  • Your Purpose: further finding or developing your purpose
  • Your business: support with guided next steps, validation on recent moves/events
  • Further embracing self love, confidence
  • Relationships (all)
  • Getting a clearer connection with your Spirit Guides and team
  • Boundaries and the what your energy needs
  • Discovering more of your inner light, intuition and energetic gifts
  • Locating & clearing the next level of blockages
  • Financial questions
  • Moving, housing, buying and selling property
  • How to develop your intuition
  • Connect with your Spirit guides
  • Pet communication but not end of life, I am happy to refer you to someone
  • Past life support for what's showing up in this current life to be healed
  • And more

HEY, I'm Emily!

Like you, I've always felt sensitive, and I wasn't sure how to hone in on it or what to do with it, I almost felt as though I was at the mercy of these feelings.  Now, I understand the power that is this energy, and everyone has it.  You're here for a reason, there is no mistake.  I can't wave a magic wand and bestow any gifts upon you, I can however help you discover and create space to practice and bring forth what already lies within you.  

People Getting Results

So great! Emily was very present, personable, and lighthearted …. Not to mention spot on!

- Angelka

Soooo amazing!! I feel so re-energized. I have been feeling so overwhelmed with alll the feelings, I feel cloudy. After Emily’s meditation I feel clear and grounded.

- Bonnie B, Kirkland WA

Emily unlocked something that I’ve never really understood before; her energy work brings me a lot of clarity.

- Dakotah T Seattle WA

Emily is amazing. She is able to communicate with your spirit team to get information that is too specific to be a guess. I’ve never felt so confident in my journey. I hope someday I can help people like she does.

- Jennifer L.

I was initially drawn to Emily's calming and grounding energy - I know I need more of that in my life. The session flowed like we were comfortable friends. I am honestly blown away by the whole session. I booked because I felt super blocked in my energy channeling, and Emily helped surface many aspects in my life to give light and clarity. If anything, the session was truly magical. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities!!

- Sara J.

The class was lovely and magical. I enjoy your sweet presence and the way you present information from the heart, with pure intention, and love... I learned so much about the foundation of energy that was missing from understanding and I left feeling like I had new tools and perspective that will help me move to the next level of connection. I have been using my new knowledge everyday since class. I can't wait to take the next class."

- Angie H, Seattle WA

Working with Emily was a wonderful experience. She connected with me immediately. She was able to hone into with the big themes and issues I am currently working through.Emily provided insights and helped me gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate these events-- and my feelings. I felt so welcomed and understood by her. I will contact her again for another session. She is a talented and connected healer!

- Heidi

I love Emily and her services! She is always here for me, and helps me tap into my greater good. Whether I need a tune up, a check in, or just support, Emily is there to encourage and hold space. Thank you for helping me in my energetic journey and doing it with such passion and kindness!

- Arielle P.

There was an uncertainty about what I might experience and how I might react. Even in my most vulnerable moments of sharing and being shared with, I felt safe and held to have whatever experience I needed in the moment. Emily was open to holding space for not just me, my experiences and spirit team but provided an additional level of support I deeply welcomed and didn’t know I needed. The insight, wisdom and even verbiage shared allowed me to feel even more connected not just to the energy but also my spirit team. There were laughs, tears, happiness, acceptance and understanding. I don’t think words can describe how grateful I am to have this experience.

- Kim

I've gotten to work with Emily twice now and each time I leave our session feeling more connected, grounded and empowered. I really appreciate how Emily's intuitive style is playful, warm and engaging. A session with Emily feels like you are sitting down to have a cup of tea with your inner light and spirit team. I highly recommend Emily to anyone who is wanting to deepen in their healing and spiritual exploration. Wherever you are on that path Emily has the skills to meet you where you are at. Thanks Emily! :)

- Sara S.

What's included:

You'll receive a recording of your session within 24 hours of your session for you to download within seven days.

Welcome to a new more energetically aligned, you.



  • One, 60 minute 1:1 virtual energy healing and intuitive session
  • A copy of your recording which is available for you to download within seven days

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