Gently locate & remove an emotional energy blockage

Energy healing is already built from within you, all we are doing is simply helping you remember and discover more of who you are.

This practice is simple in nature, and with the resources of your energy, you're empowered to support yourself in releasing blockages whenever you feel to call to.

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In this 30 minute pre-recorded live session, you'll understand how to do this yourself, and how to call in additional energy support when needed.

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Your Foundation

There is a simple formula to a safe, effective and healing energy practice. This is laid out for you and easy to repeat on your own.

Intuitively Locate Your Blockage

Energy work is simple, humans make it complicated. Your intuition is guiding and supporting you, learn to trust what comes forward to heal.

Heal & Release the Blockage

Energy work is a co creation with your Source, energy. Connect, give direction, and allow the magic, healing and releasing to unfold. Do you need to call in additional support? You'll understand how to do that.

Receive & Expand

As the new energies come in, you'll allow them to support you, guide you, and give you inner wisdom. You've done an amazing thing, celebrate yourself, enjoy it!

HEY, I'm Emily!

Like you, I've always felt sensitive, and I wasn't sure how to hone in on it or what to do with it, I almost felt as though I was at the mercy of these feelings.  Now, I understand the power that is this energy, and everyone has it.  You're here for a reason, there is no mistake.  I can't wave a magic wand and bestow any gifts upon you, I can however help you discover and create space to practice and bring forth what already lies within you.  

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