Your home is meant to be a restorative oasis for you and your loved ones

Everything is energy, including you, including your home!  From needing to sell your home, to helping your children sleep better at night, to up-level your business or workspace after a series of unfortunate events, and everything in between, clearing the energy and re-setting the stage of your physical environment has powerful and instant benefits.  You have the option to hire Emily directly for this work, or purchase the self paced course at the end of this page to diy.  No previous experience necessary.  

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Ready to have Emily assist you? 

From dormant homes for sale that have been on the market for weeks with no bites, to having them sell at over asking weeks later; to clearing areas of the home that disturb children, and more.  Emily has been doing space clearings for years for buildings, schools, private homes, second homes and more, with clients sensing and instant shift.  Apply here and Emily or her team will reach out to you.  Private clearings begin at $750.

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Emily personally reviews each application and will respond within 48 hours.  Cost for a house clearing is $750, non-refundable, and this is done remotely.  Please keep in mind you will be sent a mini FAQ with the response notice of your application.

If you're looking to learn how to do this yourself, with tools you can use daily...

Raise the Vibration of Your Home: The Self Paced Course

Your home isn't supposed to feel "meh"...

It's supposed to invite you in and restore you, and it's capable of doing that starting today!

You've walked into a place before and felt that something was "off," and at the same time, you've been to places that feel absolutely amazing and you can't wait to go back! That's how your home is supposed to feel, and if it doesn't, you are able to do something about it and I will show you how.

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In this hour long course, you'll understand how to feel empowered doing this work, that you have all of the energetic help you need within you to do the heavy lifting for you, and you'll hear from other students whom have never done energy work before, clear on the spot! This is not obtuse pretend, this is real people, calling in real energetic support, and clearing in a grounded and impactful way. And you will too.

Relax, knowing you'll feel empowered once you understand how this works.

No matter what has brought you here, a simple nudge, a move of homes, a separation from someone, or maybe a child hears things go bump in the night, I have helped countless individuals at every skillset clear their homes. This is deep within you, this may be the first time you do it in this lifetime but you are energy and you are connected to your Source energy, who will do the heavy lifting. So rest easy.

With this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why you are the empowered conduit, and (your higher power aka Source) Source does the heavy lifting!
  • Understanding that your space has energy, and it wants to work with you and support you!
  • How you get to engage with your home, and actively make it your energetic oasis!
  • Gently understanding where these energies come from, on a need to know basis
  • Energy is constantly in motion, like cleaning a house, sometimes you do a deep clean, and other times you do a spot clean or pick up. Energy clearing is the same, sometimes you'll do a deep clean, other times you'll simply do a quick pick me up!
  • Calling in the support to do the clearing
  • And more...
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So many think they're a little crazy for thinking they need a house clearing, if you're getting the sense you do, you do. And it's far more common than you think.  This is something you can learn and repeat whenever you need to!

-Emily Marie

HEY, I'm Emily!

Like you, I've always felt sensitive, and I wasn't sure how to hone in on it or what to do with it, I almost felt as though I was at the mercy of these feelings.  Now, I understand the power that is this energy, and everyone has it.  You're here for a reason, there is no mistake.  I can't wave a magic wand and bestow any gifts upon you, I can however help you discover and create space to practice and bring forth what already lies within you.  

People Getting Results

As someone who has always been curious about energy work and felt it was a gift not everyone receives, Emily completely changed my views. Emily’s elegant approach to channeling your own source given gifts made it so comfortable to channel my energy during her Raise the Vibration class. My home already feels as if a weight was lifted and my family is surrounded by even more love and light that I was able to run from her class. The best part about the class was that Emily left us with tools to continue to use as we navigate situational changes in our homes. Highly recommend!

- Ashley D.

So, so worth it. Emily took the time to answer every single question and with such clarity. It was an enlightening experience and I feel even more connected to my light and source because of this course. I am beyond grateful for all of Emily’s content and especially this experience. Thank you, Emily!!!

- Kate K.

Emily's home clearing class was super accessible, interactive, & empowering. I'm excited to play around with clearing areas of my home now that I know how to do it in a safe, simple way that WORKS!

- Bee

She explains the information so well and said it in a way that made sense. I love that she is sharing this with us and telling us we can all do our home clearings. Special Lady!

- Charise

Here's exactly what you get:

It's an honor to get to co create with you in this space, to be a supportive aspect on your journey.  You're already doing amazing, let's have some fun and see all the things you're capable of!



  • A total of 85 minutes of content on how to Raise the Vibration of Your Home and Clear Negative Energy divided into 13 video lessons.
  • A lite workbook with a summary of the steps involved in a House Clearing, as well as further questions to help you through your process.
  • 3 months of virtual support form Emily inside a private Facebook Group.

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