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Your energy is your superpower 

With clear, concise daily practices and applicable trainings, you will get clear on your intuition, energetic gifts, and how to apply them to your day to day to reduce stress, have focus on what you desire, and to bring clairty and calm into the decisions you make to upleevel your life each day. 

Develop your intuition gently and powerfully.  With guided practices that support your energy and daily .

Intuitive's Toolkit is an intentional space to share empowering intuitive best practices, meditations and activations that Emily intuits on an ongoing basis.

Everyone is intuitive, you can utilize it to bring yourself into alignment with your own personal power.

Everything created here is through intentional Divine alignment.

Mini CoursesIncluded:

  • How to write to receive guidance & support from your intuition
  • Connecting with Goddess energy which is currently a part of your Spirit team, understanding why they are here and what messages do they have for you.
  • The foundational practice of physical energy healing for your body

April's session will support you in understanding how to trust your intuition and use it to help you uplevel your life each day.  You are welcome to join the live session or enjoy the recording: Sunday April 21st at 9am PST/noon EST.

Once you sign up for this monthly membership, you will see energy meditations, affirmations, and the aforementioned teachings.  As well as the Zoom info for April's Live Session, and how to sign up for reminders.

Join the ride, enjoy the journey, and develop your intuitive powers and prepared to be wowed on a continuous basis.

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Your intuitive abilities are endless and ready for your exploration

Hey there, welcome!

Maybe you've heard me say, "Everyone is intuitive.  And everyone's intuition is slightly unique."

Even when I was working in tech, I was practicing my own energy and intuitive development, using it in my day to day. 

Now as a full time practitioner, supporting incredible people like yourself, 

intuition and energy work is for everyone, I was once told otherwise and believed it, until I started doing house clearings and a smoke detector went off and that's when my Inner Light showed up.  Immediately I saw, everyone has a powerful Inner Light.  And it is here to help you live a life powerfully, that feels fulfilling, joyful, and that you can be all you feel yourself to be from within. 

The joy for this energetic space came through as a means to support you in continuing to practice and develop your intuition, so you not just develop trust with it, you thrive with it!

This space is ever fresh, evolving, while being grounded with the foundational framework of your Inner Light.  I love intuiting new developments in this space and sharing them with you here, it is my absolute joy.  Thank you for being you, it's an honor to practice this work alongside you.

To the journey,


Intuitive's Toolkit

Space dedicated to your intuitive journey and powerful practice:

Once you sign up you will receive an email from Kajabi to log into your course, there you will find existing practices and the link to the next event which you can register for text reminders, click the Zoom link when you're ready to join, or enjoy the replay afterwards.

You may pop into the course anytime to enjoy a meditation, activation or refresh your practice or go deeper in expansion with a practice you have already done.



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